About Bali

The island of Bali is located just 8 degrees south of the equator. It is blessed with a natural landscape that is dominated by a chain of volcanic peaks considered scared by locals. The rest of the island is a contrast of tropical hinterland, rice terraces and agricultural terrain etched by a network of meandering rivers and irrigation canals. All of which is surrounded by a coral enriched coastline that varies in composition from pristine beaches to elevated limestone cliffs, secluded bays and world class surf breaks.

Bali is perhaps one of the last remaining spiritual enclaves where faith determines all aspects of society. Passage of life on the island is measured by a constant cycle of symbolic rituals and ceremonial rites. Encompassed by other islands that make up a vast expanse known as the Indonesian archipelago, Bali has always proudly preserved its unique cultural identity that is based upon a legacy of religion, art and tradition.

As followers of the Hindu faith, the Balinese believe their island to be the centre of the universe. This is divided into three parallel realms with a hierarchy led by God Almighty looking down upon mankind and the underworld beneath that is ruled by demonic spirits. Essentially, Balinese Hinduism is about attaining a harmonious balance between these three domains in order to lead a peaceful existence.

The charm of Bali and its people has captivated international travellers for decades. It is a destination that has fully embraced tourism. Visitors from all walks of life are welcomed to the island with warm hospitality and they invariably experience a unique sense of belonging.


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